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[S3E9] Last Christmas

Rachel's characterization, especially her Christmas greed even though she is Jewish, was singled out for criticism in many reviews. VanDerWerff wrote that the episode "hinged around Rachel being really excited about what she was going to get for Christmas, even though she's Jewish", and her end-of episode shout of "Happy Hanukah" a "last minute patch job" to "stay true to the characters as they were at one time".[34] Sullivan also discussed her characterization and noted that she was "a character who makes a point of her Jewish heritage often". He added, "she was basically horrible and played against character the entire episode, so she could eventually realize that she was awful and change her ways."[26] Bell criticized Rachel's list of gifts, such as "spray tan and teeth whitening", as "back to square one" after her nose-job storyline in the second season.[33] Finn's contribution of a charity pig in Jewish Rachel's honor was deemed "wrong on at least two levels" by Chaney.[22]

[S3E9] Last Christmas

After a short break, the 118 is back! Following the events of the last episode, Hen is still struggling to cope with what happened after the ambulance accident, while an old friend reaches out to Maddie in a cry for help. The 118 also respond to a call that may change the life of one of their own.

I was very impressed with The Sanctuary last week. It was the kind of solid mid-season episode that helped move key story threads along while also telling a semi-standalone story of its own. Following up that success was the goal of Terra Firma, Part I.

In Season 3, Emmy nominee Will Arnett returns, guiding LEGO enthusiasts through a brick blasting Season 3. With infinite possibilities and an unlimited supply of LEGO bricks, teams of two compete against each other in all new brick-building challenges for a $100,000 cash prize, the ultimate LEGO trophy and the grand title of Lego Masters. Brickmasters Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard return as judges.

The FBI's search for elusive serial killer Francis Dolarhyde intensifies as Will Graham begins envisioning himself in Dolarhyde's tormented psyche. Wading deeper into dangerous territory, Will enlists the help of Hannibal Lecter to assist with the killer's profile. Meanwhile, Alana Bloom reminds Will that the last time that he and Hannibal worked together things didn't end well, but Will sees no other option. Elsewhere, a new woman comes into Dolarhyde's life.

Speaking of young romances about to go wrong, Prince Charles is busy with his naval training at Dartmouth. (In real life, Charles completed his six weeks of training at Dartmouth in October 1971, months before the death of the Duke of Windsor. As I mentioned in the last recap, he was already serving on the Norfolk off the coast of France when the Queen made her last visit to her uncle.) 041b061a72


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