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Gom Player For Mac Os X Yosemite [WORK]

GOM Player is a free or purchasable multimedia player. Created by Gretech Corporation, GOM Player is available on Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows PC's 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Developed in South Korea, GOM has become one of the best global media platforms. The application includes a multitude of language options: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, etc.

Gom Player For Mac Os X Yosemite


The freeware version plays a variety of media sources and includes file formats within GOM: Audio CD, AVI, DVD, FLV, MOV, MP4, MKV, WMV, etc. The video player is able to present damaged files and content that is being downloaded. GOM Player will search for codecs if the program does not find them within their built-in archive.

KMPlayer, Media Player Classic, PotPlayer, and VLC Media Player are alternative multimedia players compared to GOM. All of the aforementioned applications are freeware and include VR videos with a 360-degree viewing capacity. Media Player Classic, PotPlayer, and VLC Player do not recommend remote installation options within the download process, which results in a more pleasurable UX.

GOM Player is developed for the Mac and Windows system users to enjoy. One of the key aspects that sets this player apart is the ability to search for codecs. Additionally, GOM can often play damaged media files. Sought after features like VR and snapshot abilities are included in the app, as well.

Searching for a free VLC alternative for Mac? Even though you are not satisfying with your VLC media player on Mac anymore, you have to admit that VLC is the top-notch media player that few players can compete with. Therefore, the VLC alternative Mac you select must contains the basic features of VLC media player, and is also compatible with macOS computer.

By ransacking the media player sites, we have found that most popular media players like KMPlayer, GOM Player and Media Player Classic are only for Windows, but there are still some great ones you can choose as the best VLC player alternative Mac.

5KPlayer is designed as a free video music player like VLC to help people play multimedia files including videos and music smoothly. It can do what VLC can do without third-party help like downloading codec packs to play rare media files, and could also perfectly prevent itself from some VLC errors when playing audio videos like VLC can't play MKV problems, VLC can't play DVDs and VLC audio delay errors.

QuickTime Player is the native media player for Mac that can be used as an amazing VLC alternative Mac. You can not only use it to play common videos audio in MOV MP4 MPEG ASF DivX FLV and MP3 WAV AAC etc, but also open CDs and DVDs. Even better, this Mac VLC player alternative allows you to screen recording your Mac, edit movies and extract audio from a video just as VLC media player does on Mac. However, the latest version of QuickTime 7 is limited to only basic playback operations unless you purchase the QuickTime Pro license key to unlock the recording, editing and extracting features, but it is not recommended to do that if you only need a free VLC media player alternative Mac.

Besides, QuickTime Wikipedia tells us that QuickTime 7 is compatible with macOS 10.12 Sierra, so we are not sure if this VLC alternative Mac can work well on Mac computers shipped with macOS High Sierra or Mojave. QuickTime not playing MP4 WMV MKV and QuickTime no video or no sound are also headache things to be solved. If you mind that, you can keep your VLC media player or try other VLC player Mac alternative listed here.

MPlayerX is the Mac version of MPlayer and also a free open media player like VLC. Just throw anything at it, this VLC media player alternative Mac will try its best to give you a clear and smooth playback of media files. Any MKV M4V WMV MP4 AVI MOV MPEG and M4A FLAC APE WAV MP3 can be handled well, and even the 4K HEVC H.265 H.264 videos playback is a piece of cake to MPlayerX because of its hardware decoding function. However, since the last version 1.1.4 in 2016, there is no new update of this VLC Mac alternative. So, it is hard to know whether this media player is powerful enough for new media files like 4K HDR to be played smoothly on new macOS systems.

Among them, we suggest 5KPlayer as the best free VLC player alternative for Mac regarding its perfect match with VLC in terms of media playback, online video download, media streaming, etc functions. What's more, it helps save you from VLC not working errors forever.

VLC Media Player 4.0 Download Free: New Features and BugsVLC 4.0 download is on the way! Free download VLC media player 4.0 version to enjoy the 3D, VR, AirPlay, etc new features VLC 4.0 brings.

VLC MP4 Tips How to Use VLC to Play, Stream, Download & Convert MP4? VLC MP4 guide here will tell everything about VLC media player MP4 that you are interested in, plus answers on how to play, stream, download and convert MP4 on VLC as well as solutions to VLC player MP4 problems.

Video players tools are kind of media player that can play video data from varieties of sources local disc, DVD, VCD, CD, etc. This software supports all most all formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MKV, and more. Many such tools have a user-friendly design and can be used in PC, tablets, mobile phones. "}},"@type":"Question","name":"\u2705 Which are the Best Video Player?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Here are some of the Best Video Player:

Some Video players that can be cast to TV are: VLC media playerAll Player PotplayerElmedia","@type":"Question","name":"\u2b50 What are the common features of Video Players?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"The common features of video players are: It supports MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MKV, WebM, and more.The video players are easy to use.You can easily change the skin of this player.Tools enable you to jump your favorite scene. "]}],"@id":" -mac-video-player.html#schema-25139","isPartOf":"@id":" -mac-video-player.html#webpage","publisher":"@id":" ","image":"@id":" -free-dvd-player-1.png","inLanguage":"en-US","mainEntityOfPage":"@id":" -mac-video-player.html#webpage"}]}document.documentElement.classList.remove( 'no-js' );img.wp-smiley,img.emoji display: inline !important;border: none !important;box-shadow: none !important;height: 1em !important;width: 1em !important;margin: 0 0.07em !important;vertical-align: -0.1em !important;background: none !important;padding: 0 !important;body--wp--preset--color--black: #000000;--wp--preset--color--cyan-bluish-gray: #abb8c3;--wp--preset--color--white: #ffffff;--wp--preset--color--pale-pink: #f78da7;--wp--preset--color--vivid-red: #cf2e2e;--wp--preset--color--luminous-vivid-orange: #ff6900;--wp--preset--color--luminous-vivid-amber: #fcb900;--wp--preset--color--light-green-cyan: #7bdcb5;--wp--preset--color--vivid-green-cyan: #00d084;--wp--preset--color--pale-cyan-blue: #8ed1fc;--wp--preset--color--vivid-cyan-blue: #0693e3;--wp--preset--color--vivid-purple: #9b51e0;--wp--preset--color--theme-palette-1: #3182CE;--wp--preset--color--theme-palette-2: #2B6CB0;--wp--preset--color--theme-palette-3: #1A202C;--wp--preset--color--theme-palette-4: #2D3748;--wp--preset--color--theme-palette-5: #4A5568;--wp--preset--color--theme-palette-6: #718096;--wp--preset--color--theme-palette-7: #EDF2F7;--wp--preset--color--theme-palette-8: #F7FAFC;--wp--preset--color--theme-palette-9: #FFFFFF;--wp--preset--gradient--vivid-cyan-blue-to-vivid-purple: linear-gradient(135deg,rgba(6,147,227,1) 0%,rgb(155,81,224) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--light-green-cyan-to-vivid-green-cyan: linear-gradient(135deg,rgb(122,220,180) 0%,rgb(0,208,130) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--luminous-vivid-amber-to-luminous-vivid-orange: linear-gradient(135deg,rgba(252,185,0,1) 0%,rgba(255,105,0,1) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--luminous-vivid-orange-to-vivid-red: linear-gradient(135deg,rgba(255,105,0,1) 0%,rgb(207,46,46) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--very-light-gray-to-cyan-bluish-gray: linear-gradient(135deg,rgb(238,238,238) 0%,rgb(169,184,195) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--cool-to-warm-spectrum: linear-gradient(135deg,rgb(74,234,220) 0%,rgb(151,120,209) 20%,rgb(207,42,186) 40%,rgb(238,44,130) 60%,rgb(251,105,98) 80%,rgb(254,248,76) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--blush-light-purple: linear-gradient(135deg,rgb(255,206,236) 0%,rgb(152,150,240) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--blush-bordeaux: linear-gradient(135deg,rgb(254,205,165) 0%,rgb(254,45,45) 50%,rgb(107,0,62) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--luminous-dusk: linear-gradient(135deg,rgb(255,203,112) 0%,rgb(199,81,192) 50%,rgb(65,88,208) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--pale-ocean: linear-gradient(135deg,rgb(255,245,203) 0%,rgb(182,227,212) 50%,rgb(51,167,181) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--electric-grass: linear-gradient(135deg,rgb(202,248,128) 0%,rgb(113,206,126) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--midnight: linear-gradient(135deg,rgb(2,3,129) 0%,rgb(40,116,252) 100%);--wp--preset--duotone--dark-grayscale: url('#wp-duotone-dark-grayscale');--wp--preset--duotone--grayscale: url('#wp-duotone-grayscale');--wp--preset--duotone--purple-yellow: url('#wp-duotone-purple-yellow');--wp--preset--duotone--blue-red: url('#wp-duotone-blue-red');--wp--preset--duotone--midnight: url('#wp-duotone-midnight');--wp--preset--duotone--magenta-yellow: url('#wp-duotone-magenta-yellow');--wp--preset--duotone--purple-green: url('#wp-duotone-purple-green');--wp--preset--duotone--blue-orange: url('#wp-duotone-blue-orange');--wp--preset--font-size--small: 14px;--wp--preset--font-size--medium: 24px;--wp--preset--font-size--large: 32px;--wp--preset--font-size--


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