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Lenovo 7484 Driver For Mac

I am practically done tinkering with OC so I disabled the picker and all debug/logging. The machine now almost boots like a Mac: Apple Logo(from BIOS)-Boot Chine-Apple Logo with Progress bar. Boot time is 5s longer than with the HP 800 G5 Mini. 26s Vs 21s from chime to login screen. It appears to be due to loading of the AMD drivers...

Lenovo 7484 Driver For Mac

Download File:

The gist of it is that this lenovo machine has hidden BIOS options which can be uncovered using the ControlMsrE2 tool. This tool oddly cannot write these bits, on this Lenovo machine even the CFGLock bit can't be changed by ControlMsrE2 but CFGLock.efi works. I had to use the RU.efi tool to edit the addresses I found from ControlMsrE2.

Decided to tinker with a native apple BCM943602CS card (circa 2015) which previously gave me troubles with watch unlock on the HP Mini G5. Somehow it seems to work fine now on the lenovo. The card fits perfectly but I had to add a third antenna which is now located in the front panel. It's an upgrade from the previous 2 channel BCM94360CS2 (circa 2013). ioreg also shows on lesser level of USB hub for the BT side of the card.

So it turns out that either I was lucky with the bcm94360CS2 with the stock lenovo setup or I did not run enough long term/intensive testing, or the 3x3 bcm943602CS is much more sensitive/picky with antennas than the 2x2 bcm94360CS2...

I got curious about antennas and started using my 2 separated SSID setup between 2.4 and 5G wifi, the wifi scan tool and the combination of watch unlock and sidecar stress testing to find out that the lenovo stock antennas work great for 5Ghz but are very poor for 2.4GHz. I am now suspecting that Sidecar is heavily relying on the 2.4GHz radio (watch unlock heavily does since it communicates mostly over BT).

So I gave up on pursuing a tiny antenna for looks which behaves about the same as the lenovo stock antenna and installed 3 third party antennas, 2 internal ones rated at 2dBi which appear to be stronger on both 2.4 and 5GHz from the wifi scan and a basic 3dBi one I had laying around and got much better reliability and signal strength on 2.4GHz...

If your card is compatible I would suggest to try the 340 driver procedure listed in the thread above, has it has a DKMS installation, once you install it it will automatically trigger after every update, no manual intervention to do (you just need to make sure these package then do not get updated from AUR if you enabled the AUR, it is simple you need to add the nvidia packages to pamac blacklist).


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