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Cooper Ward

Buy Guess Jeans Online

The GUESS return policy allows all items to be returned for a refund, provided they are returned within 30 days of delivery. Those who are registered with the site can go to the My Orders section and process the return online. Guest users and those who paid cash on delivery will need to contact customer services. The GUESS returns policy applies to all items, including GUESS handbags, jeans, sale items, and items purchased using a GUESS discount code, GUESS voucher code, or a GUESS coupon code.

buy guess jeans online

Founded by the Marciano brothers in 1981, the upscale LA clothing brand GUESS quickly grew to become one of the bestselling jeans labels in the UK. GUESS was inspired by a European influence and Marcianos redefined their brand. GUESS then quickly became a sign of a young, adventurous and sexy lifestyle! As time progressed throughout the decades, GUESS started to invite people to dream with its iconic and timeless brand, contributing to the advertising campaigns that turned some faces into the familiar faces we know today. Then, in 2004, GUESS expanded its retail concept and became the contemporary collection it is now as Marciano. Today the brand sells a wide range of clothing for men, women and children as well as accessories and fragrances. In addition to the GUESS label, with its famous red triangle logo, the company now owns the Marciano label, a collection of luxe and occasion-wear clothing sold through the retailer's website and in GUESS stores.

It's Thursday, which probably you've exhausted all your cute Monday-Wednesday outfits that you laid out on Sunday, and are just trying to leave the house in something that sort of matches. The trick: double denim. It's basically a mid-week fail safe. You know it matches, and you know you're going to look cool. Today I'm taking inspiration from Kate Bosworth's Guess outfit with some skinny cropped jeans and a light wash chambray shirt.

OK, so wearing denim on denim can make you feel a bit like a dude, even when you have your skinny jeans on. Again, I'm taking a tip from Bosworth and pairing my Canadian tuxedo with a red lip. I love the lipsticks from Aerin because they go on creamy but actually stay on all day. That's a makeup victory!

March 20 is World Happiness Day--did you expect Pharrell to let a holiday with his hit song in the title go by without releasing a new project?! The tees are all black with a smiley face wearing "the hat" on front and happy slogans beneath. They'll be available at Billionaire Boys Club stores and online. 041b061a72


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