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If there is no way to fully remove the file, a safe option is to replace it. This can be accomplished by downloading the appropriate file from our website, replacing it, and running FixMgr.exe. Note that when replacing the file, a.pdb file is also created in the same location as the amtlib.dll file being replaced.

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Right click on your desktop and click on explorer, you should see a search option box on the top right of the box, click on it to get a list of your folders to search. Now click on the top folder that contains your amtlib.dll file, at this point you should see your file listed along with your folders. Now drag that file into the folder from which you are updating.

You've gone through the three steps required to fix amtlib.dll errors in your PC. If the problem still persists and your Adobe Captivate still won't run, we can also try and fix the issue manually.

After replacing your amtlib.dll with a malware-free version of the file, you should also restart your computer. Once you've run Windows Update and restarted the PC, try reinstalling Adobe Captivate. If you're still having issues, post your questions in the comments section below.

Amtlib.dll files are typically composed of common code shared among several other DLL files in order to save additional storage space. Amtlib.dll files are not associated with any one specific piece of software, nor can they be executed without first being associated with a specific executable (or DLL) program. You can never run any version of amtlib.dll file directly, instead, you can only associate amtlib.dll with one specific program via the program's executable (executable file).


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