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Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall

D Block Darling [Sped Up] ((LINK))

For the first-of-class, Block A was assembled at Govan and moved to Scotstoun, where it was mated to Block B/C, which was already fitted with the WR-21 turbines and machinery. Block D, also assembled at Scotstoun, was fitted to these three blocks. The bow sections (E/F) were mated at HMNB Portsmouth and taken by barge to Scotstoun. These were the final blocks to be attached. At this point, the hull was launched into the Clyde and towed to the Scotstoun Dry Dock, where the masts and funnels were fitted (the masts were partially outfitted with equipment. For example, the mast for the S1850M radar is sent from Portsmouth to Thales Nederland to be fitted with radar equipment). Once this was complete, the remaining equipment was fitted: radar arrays, bow-mounted sonar, propellers, missile equipment, and the 4.5-inch gun.

D Block Darling [Sped Up]

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As was the custom, the gates of the Arx stood wide open. Alexei slowed to raise a hand to the guards, then sped up again as they entered the city proper. Raucous music spilled from cafes and bars. Taxis and trams clogged the hilly cobblestoned streets. Spassov grumbled about the traffic, as he always did. The trail led up and down through the ancient, crooked labyrinth of the city center. Alexei drove as fast as he dared, but there were people about. Most had been drinking and they staggered under umbrellas, blissfully unaware of the large Curia automobile barreling toward them. Alexei reluctantly slowed down.

The wire caught his wrist, snagging on bone. He gasped and clawed at his throat. Adrenaline coursed through his veins. Mortlake staggered backwards and slammed his assailant into the wall. He heard a grunt, but the garrote kept tightening. The pain was nearly unbearable. He dug his feet in and slammed the attacker against the wall twice more. The wire fell away.

And just like that, I found myself standing alone on the sidewalk. The cops of the Twenty-Ninth Ward had suddenly found something of great interest down the block. Even the handful of looky-loos seemed to have vanished into the woodwork. 041b061a72


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