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Fhm Philippines Magazine |BEST| Free Download Pdf

because it is so important to find one of these repositories, we will provide a list of the major ones found in the philippine archipelago. among the most notable databases are the family history library in salt lake city, utah, the national archives and records administration, the philippine national archives, and the national library of the philippines. all of these are huge, and contain a great deal of information for filipino families.

fhm philippines magazine free download pdf

another very popular and well-respected genealogy site is ancestry. this is a free database that has information from various branches of the family tree. in contrast to other sites, it gives information about multiple ancestors in your tree, as well as helping you to determine which of your ancestors are the most important to research. there are many helpful statistics about your family, such as the number of living descendants and the amount of information you have. many users are members of the ancestry family tree group on facebook, which is a great way to keep track of what is happening in your family and to make new connections with other users.

while many people were just beginning to learn about genealogy in the late 1990s and early 2000s, filipinos were already taking an interest in their family history, which led to the creation of many genealogical societies. for example, the philippine association of genealogical societies (pags) was founded in 1993, and the philippine society for genealogical studies (psgs) was created in 1996. both of these organizations have chapters all over the philippines, and members pay dues to cover their costs. the pags has a website, while the psgs has two. for more information on genealogy societies, see our article on this topic.


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