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iCarsoft CR V2.0: The Ultimate Guide to Multi-system Car Diagnostic Tool

The scanner will be shipped without any software, you can download totally 10 software via the update tool for free. Once you downloaded a certain software, you cannot delete it anymore, so please consider carefully which software you need before the installation.

Vehicle Coverage (you may choose up to 10): - You choose, download and install the software via Windows PC- Covers most models from 2000 onwards- All must have the 16pin diagnostic plug below the dash

icarsoft cr v2.0 software download

All sorts of software of iCarsoft products offered by any other website or company are not original which may cause serious damage to iCarsoft scanner products. Those scanners updated by software on other websites will not be under after-sale service warranty any more, when there is any kind of damage such as black screen, blue screen, system cracking down, failing to power on etc. . Please be cautious!About the latest software for iCarsoft serial products update, iCarsoft company will upload it onto and for customers to download as soon as it's available. Up till now, all sorts of software to update iCarsoft serial products are free. Please find the details of update below.

When choosing option B, please make sure to follow exactly the following instruction step by step.The updating instruction for option B is quite different from option A. It is not necessary for you to download the update software package to your computer. But you need to make sure your computer is well connected to internet because option B obtains update database from remote server directly via iCarsoft Updating Tool automatically and completes update.Step 1: Please click the link below to download the iCarsoft updating tool. iCarsoft Updating Tool for First Generation Product. Step 2: Uncompress the iCarsoft Updating Tool you just downloaded. Step 3: Install the iCarsoft Updating Tool in your computer. onto your computer. Step 4: After installation, connect the scanner to the computer USB port via the USB cable. ( Please make sure your internet is well connected during the updating period. ) Step 5: Run the iCarsoft Updating Tool. Step 6: For detailed updating steps, please click the link to check below. Below is the instruction for Option C:


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