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Kindle’s Competition, The Nook From Barnes  Noble =LINK=

Distribution an issueHowever, the Nook faces tough competition, mainly from the Amazon?s Kindle and Kindle Fire, and to a lesser degree, from Apple?s iPad Mini and Google?s Nexus tablet.

Kindle’s competition, the nook from Barnes  Noble

According to Amazon, the Kindle has access to more than 360,000 e-books as well as newspapers, magazines and blogs that can be wirelessly downloaded from According to Barnes & Noble, more than one million newspaper, magazine and e-book titles can be purchased online at for the nook. This includes access to over 500,000 free e-books. These e-books are also available on the Kindle but Amazon does not count them when they advertise because they are copyright-free, low-resolution scans available on Google Books.

"It's quite interesting," owner Dorothy Sim-Broder told the Valley Independent Sentinel about working with a crew from Worldwide Pants Inc., David Letterman's production company. "We never get to see what goes on behind the scenes. With this, you get a taste of it."The staff will stay late Tuesday night to rearrange the store and move the children's section toward the front. "The camera angle has to be right," Sim-Broder noted. "The existing children's section is too far back. We need to transform another area into the children's section.""I think it's a win-win situation," she added. "We're coming into the summer season, which tends to slow down anyway. I think it's exciting. Hopefully it will help with advertising the store as well. Hopefully people who have never heard of us will hear of us now."--- Toronto booksellers are preparing for the unexpected this weekend with the G20 summit coming to their city. Quill & Quire reported that the summit "is prompting extreme security measures in the downtown core. However, city centre booksellers are considerably more relaxed when it comes to their plans and, for the most part, are employing a wait-and-see attitude.""I may end up having to close on short notice any time between Monday and Friday. I'm not going to put my people in danger," said Ben McNally, owner of Ben McNally Books. He doesn't anticipate trouble from protesters, however: "It's not like the book business is a contributor to anything that's remotely associated to anything you'd be protesting about."---Eleven "Bestselling Book Apps for Adults And Kids" were showcased in the Huffington Post, which explained that book apps "usually have multimedia features, frequent--sometimes daily--updates and all kinds of web and social media functionality you wouldn't find in a straight up e-book. They live on your mobile device and are becoming more popular every day." --- John Updike's Olympia "electric 65c" typewriter--with cart--will be sold at auction today by Christie's for an estimated value of $4,000-$6,000. The New York Times reported that the "serial number indicates that Updike probably purchased the typewriter while his family lived in London, from 1968 to 1969, shortly after he wrote Couples. He gave it to one of his daughters about 15 years before his death in 2009. A member of the writer's family is selling the typewriter now and will donate half the proceeds from the sale to the New York Public Library."---A nook is a NOOK is a Nook. In the Atlantic magazine, James Fallows offered "Six Ways of Looking at the Nook." Among his observations: "B&N was originally pushing an all lower-case spelling of the name, as nook, which just looks odd. It now seems to be getting around the problem by switching to all upper-case, NOOK. I'm sticking to conventional orthography and calling it Nook." ---Huffington Post's Penny C. Sansevieri offered writers a dozen secrets to selling more books at events, including "Make friends: Get to know the bookstore people, but not just on the day of the event. Go in prior and make friends, tell them who you are and maybe even hand them your flier or bookmark (or a stack if you can)." lists its second annual Hottest Graphic Novels of Summer list, which is divided into adult fiction, adult nonfiction, teens, tweens and kids.


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