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Q. What kinds of products does Life is Good make?A. Life is Good is a maker of original apparel, hats, home and kitchen accessories, and even pet accessories! All of their designs are inspired by three simple words: life is good!

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They initially named their company Jacob's Gallery, and tirelessly traveled up and down the East Coast selling shirts to college kids out of their used Plymouth Voyager. But the business struggled, and at one point the brothers has just $78 in the bank.

In 1988, the adventurous brothers decided to take a seven-week road trip from California, where John was in school on an exchange program, back to Boston. The purpose: to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives.

In 1997, Life Is Good broke $1 million in sales, and they celebrated by hiring three new employees and moving into their first real office in Needham, Massachusetts, where they made it their mission to continue establishing a company culture that welcomed humor at the office.

After finishing college, the brothers put their artistic inclinations to work trying to sell T-shirts in the early '90s. They traveled the East Coast in a van dubbed "Enterprise," hawking T-shirts on college campuses and anywhere else they found a crowd.

After five years and with $78 to their names, they returned home to Boston and threw a keg party. They pinned drawings of their latest ideas to the wall for friends to critique. One showed the grinning stick-figure face they would soon make iconic. Someone circled it and wrote, "This guy's got life figured out."

The Life Is Good origin story tells of how Bert and John Jacobs had $78 between them when they dreamed up the shirt designs that made the company. They sold out 48 shirts in 45 minutes in their first outing.

Jacobs, square-jawed, ginger-haired and, in his mid-50s, fit enough for all the activities celebrated on his shirts, looks like he's the guy who's got life figured out. But he's humbled talking about the business' success.

Even more important was discovering how their efforts to spread optimism struck a chord. Customers didn't just buy their shirts. They wrote notes to the company about how that message helped them through hardships like losing loved ones or undergoing medical treatments.

The company smartly had invested in the technology to print T-shirts in an on-demand fashion. Most retail works on a 12- to 18-month window between design and distribution. The new equipment allowed Life Is Good to "design things on Monday for what will sell on Wednesday," Jacobs said.

And shop it, too! Come visit Life is Good Sugarloaf in Village South. Conveniently located next to The Bag & Kettle, so swing by after an après-ski beverage and experience a total immersion into the Life is Good brand. In this optimist-run shop, you'll find a comprehensive assortment of Life is Good products, like tees, hats, hoodies, mugs, and so much more. Whether you love winter sports, hiking the trails, or just kicking back and enjoying the little things in life, they're sure to have something positively perfect for you.

Life is Good donates 10% of annual net profits to the Life is Good Kids Foundation, which, using a trauma-informed, optimism-infused approach, helps childcare professionals like teachers and nurses create life-changing relationships and optimal environments where our most vulnerable kids can heal, learn, and grow. Every time you make a purchase, you're helping kids heal.

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