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Naum Afanasyev
Naum Afanasyev

Unframed =LINK=

8 colors lithograph printed on Marinoni machine White paper BFK Rives - 270 grammesNumbered /180 on the left side corner Signed by JR on the right side corner (stamp and lead) 72 x 98 cm / Approximatively 28 x 39 inches Lithograph shipped unframed


This recent show of student work by the Massachusetts Art Education Association successfully used plastic hanging tabs to hang unframed art, a technique that's proven very effective for many of their exhibitions.

One initial consideration is weight. In most cases unframed works are very lightweight, but there are exceptions. Some artists like to work on medium density fiberboard (MDF), plywood, or other substrates that can be quite dense and require a more substantial approach to art hanging. If you have any concerns, weighing the piece in question is a good idea.

One of the most basic approaches to hanging unframed art is the use of spring-loaded clips. One common type, known as a binder clip or paper clamp, is widely available in many sizes at office-supply stores. These are economical and reusable; one or two medium-sized ones can be quickly attached to the top edge of an unframed piece with the looped-wire handles serving as attachment points for the hanging hook (Figure 1).

Unframed Catholic art prints are an excellent way to decorate your home at a low cost and make the perfect gift for family and friends. For those who have an empty frame to fill, do not need a frame, or would like to build their own, these high quality art prints make the perfect choice. Many of our unframed religious art prints are also available in variety of subjects and sizes including our notable Nellie Edwards and Vatican Art collections. Printed in the USA.

These unframed 4" x 6" original paintings are something that I started selling exclusively at art festivals where I was not allowed to sell prints of my work, but I have so much fun painting them that I have to decided to make them available to everyone!

The Grand Foundation commissioned artists Carolyn Lord and Gary Lee Parks to recreate the historic, lost lobby mural in the Grand Theatre by Antoon (Anthony) B. Heinsbergen / Heinsbergen Decorating Co., 1939. This commemorative poster is unframed, includes project information, and is prepared flat in a protective sleeve.

Besides being yet another way to diversify the look and feel of a gallery wall, or any wall art selection, hanging the occasional unframed artwork is also as satisfyingly non-committal as leaning your art. If you like to change up your look often, you should try it.


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