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Special Birtay

Happy birthday, Georgia residents! Georgia Aquarium wants to help you celebrate your special day with a very special offer. Visit Georgia Aquarium on your birthday, and your Aquarium admission is FREE!

special birtay

Since 1775, Congress has also authorized the establishment of certain branches within the Army. Today, these are represented by the Army's basic and special branches. Below is information about the legal authority for the Army's branches and additional information about each branch's birthday.

Since 1775 Congress has also prescribed the organization and structure of the Army. This includes various branches into which Soldiers can be assigned. In many cases these branch distinctions are reflected in the Army's system for designating units and in the U.S. Army Regimental System. The Army Organization Act of 1950 (enacted 28 June 1950) set forth the legal basis for the various basic and special branches in the current Army (see Title 10, United States Code, Sections 3063 and 3064). It also permits the creation of other branches as the Secretary of the Army considers necessary. See the note below for more information on The Army Organization Act of 1950.

In recognition that many of today's branches have existed since 1775 and in order to enhance esprit de corps, the Army recognizes official branch birthdays (see Department of the Army General Orders, No. 19, dated 31 October 1978 and subsequent announcements). Listed below are the Army's basic and special branches currently in existence, their birthdays, and the relevant authorities. Links are also provided for additional information about each branch's unique heraldic items, which are maintained by The Institute of Heraldry (TIOH).

Intelligence has been an essential element of Army operations during war as well as during periods of peace. In the past, requirements were met by personnel from the Army Intelligence and Army Security Reserve branches, two-year obligated tour officers, one-tour levies on the various branches, and Regular Army officers in the specialization programs. To meet the Army's increased requirement for national and tactical intelligence, an Intelligence and Security Branch was established in the Army effective 1 July 1962, by General Orders No. 38, dated 3 July 1962. On 1 July 1967, the branch was redesignated as Military Intelligence.

The first Special Forces unit in the Army was formed on 11 June 1952, when the 10th Special Forces Group was activated at Fort Bragg, NC. A major expansion occurred in the 1960s, with additional groups organized in the Regular Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard. As a result of renewed emphasis on special operations in the 1980s, the Special Forces branch was established as a basic branch of the Army effective 9 April 1987, by AGO No. 35, 19 June 1987.

Additional guests at this special party include Aileen Quinn, Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Bob Mackie, Cher, Ellen DeGeneres, Julie Andrews, Kristen Wiig, Laura Dern, Lily Tomlin, Marisa Tomei, Sofia Vergara, Steve Carell, Susan Lucci, Tracee Ellis Ross, Vicki Lawrence, and many more.

Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Laughter + Love is executive produced by Carol Burnett, Brian Miller, Steve Sauer, Paul Miller, and Baz Halpin, Mark Bracco & Linda Gierahn of Silent House Productions. The special will be available for next-day streaming on Peacock.

Fun Fact: TODAY, our Superintendent, Mr. Ferron, has a very special birthday! Can you guess how many years young Mr. Ferron is today? The answer is in this printable Word Search. Send an email with your guess to (1 email per student please), by midnight tonight (March 4th), and all correct answers will be entered to win a prize from our Hanover School Store!

Instead, let this motivate you to become better at remembering others on their birthday. Go out of your way to treat them on their special day as you would want to be treated on yours. No matter what age a person is turning, treating their birthday like a milestone is something that never gets old.

Comedy icon, actress, and writer Carol Burnett will be celebrating her birthday this year with a special feature show. The 2-hour show will air on NBC on Wednesday, April 26, as the comedian celebrates turning 90. The special feature is titled Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Laughter + Love, and it will feature an A-list lineup of musical performances and special guests.

The special feature will include musical performances from Bernadette Peters, Billy Porter, Jane Lynch, Katy Perry, Kristin Chenoweth, and many more A-list stars. Special guests attending the show/party will include Aileen Quinn, Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Bob Mackie, Cher, Ellen DeGeneres, Julie Andrews, Kristen Wilg, Laura Dern, Lily Tomlin, Marisa Tomei, Sofia Vergara, Steve Carell, Susan Lucci, Tracee Ellis Ross, Vicki Lawrence, and many more.

The Birthday Box is a thoughtful gift for that special birthday person celebrating their day. This curated gift box is all about caring for their mind, body, and spirit. The recipient of the birthday gift will feel recognized and valued.

Why this is a good birthday gift idea: This care package is loaded with high quality treats, snacks, and party favors that will make the recipient feel special on their big day or any other day!

The Raw Birthstone Studs are sterling silver earrings with a birthday special twist! Options include aquamarine, ruby, amethyst, moonstone, peridot, citrine, red garnet, sapphire, emerald, turquoise, sapphire, and Herkimer diamonds.

When nothing but the best will do, celebrate your loved one's birthday in Morton's private dining room! Whether you are hosting a small, intimate celebration or a larger party, our dedicated event planning professional will work with you to create a memorable event with a mouth-watering menu. Choose from one of our preset menus or customize your own with a selection of choices that every guest will enjoy. Pre select bottles of wine or offer a themed cocktail to make the birthday event even more special. We can work with you, or our respected vendors to source a birthday cake, flowers, linens, and decorations. Our state-of-the-art A/V technology is perfect for your slideshow or video presentation that celebrates the guest of honor. Raise a toast to another year of health and happiness at Morton's! Plan Your EventView All Events(Please note that every restaurant's private dining space is unique. Special table settings, decor, linen, and centerpieces are all additional amenities and not included in the standard Morton's private dining room set-up. There are additional fees for outsourcing extra amenities.)

(4) Birthday Breakfast Sundaes: We love this idea to create a special breakfast sundae with yogurt in a waffle cone bowl. Provide your child with a variety of toppings like fresh fruit, chocolate chips and even cereal so they can spruce it up however they choose. (via Dinner at the Zoo)

While birthdays certainly qualify as a special occasion for yummy treats, a not-so-sugary start to the day is never a bad idea, especially with young children who might spin into sugar overload! Luckily there are plenty of healthy birthday breakfast ideas that still taste delicious, look special, and are loaded with fun. Take a look at some of the healthier options here:

(7) Fruit Kabobs with Yogurt Sprinkle Dipping Sauce: Create a rainbow of fruit on a skewer and provide a side of Greek Yogurt with sprinkles to dip. It makes for a quick yet healthy breakfast that kids will still find extra special. (via Dinner at the Zoo)

Whether you are craving a deliciously satisfying meal any day of the week, OR celebrating a special occassion, you can enjoy it all by simply ordering on our My Red Lobster Rewards App, Touchless To Go for Curbside, Delivery or Pickup, or Dining In - It's your choice!

Belknap-Merrimack Community Action Program senior centers, despite being closed due to COVID-19, continue to celebrate the birthdays of participants. Nancy Marceau, director of the TRIP Center in Franklin, made a special birthday delivery to long time participant Fern Morency who just turned 98. (Courtesy photo)

Birthday cards for moms are a great opportunity to thank them for all that they do. Think about a message that they can hold onto forever, and that will encourage them to sit back, relax, and enjoy their special day to the fullest.

Give thanks to God for a special friend on their birthday and for all the comfort and joy they bring to your life with one of these beautiful birthday prayers for friends, boyfriends, and girlfriends.

For my 30th birthday, my husband and I met my two siblings and their significant others for a weekend in New Orleans. These few days were filled with excitement and warm memories, but especially with lots of delicious food.

After further research, I decided on the town of Naoussa and a hotel which, it turned out, is run by Greek Australians! I also chose a special restaurant for a dinner and they were even able to organise a live band for us.

For a special celebration there is nothing better than a tasting at a fabulous Domaine Carneros. For a moderately priced option you can choose either Mumm Napa or Domaine Chandon, either of the experiences will be great, there is no bad champagne is Napa. After that we visited some of the iconic wineries in the valley: Robert Mondavi, Beringer and Inglenook.

And beyond that, she got to do whatever she wanted on her actual birthday. We were in Budapest, and she wanted to get a day of total relaxation. After all, travelling is hard sometimes, especially with our whirlwind European tour! 041b061a72