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Naum Afanasyev
Naum Afanasyev

Tekken Mac Download

And while some criticize Weekly Famitsu's close relationships with game publishers, those relationships also provide a different level of access than you typically see in the West. Weekly Famitsu often prints download codes for games and features interviews with subjects who rarely appear elsewhere, for example.

Tekken Mac Download

Hironobu Sakaguchi, Terra Battle: The download numbers in the U.S. are about half of what they are in Japan right now. It's around 300,000 downloads in America. Japan is 600,000 or 700,000 [as of December 4]. America's download numbers are growing, though. And right now, Terra Battle is a closed game. But after New Year's, we're planning to put out an online mode, and I think that'll help the numbers grow even more.

Koki Kimura, Monster Strike: The game was released in Japan, then Taiwan and now North America. To date, it's been downloaded 15 million times [as of November 12]. And in Japan, we're always playing a seesaw game, basically, with Puzzle & Dragons, and you can look that up easily on any of the data services that put those things out. And then worldwide, we've ranked as high as fourth in sales.


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