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Zee Tv Buddha Serial Episode ((EXCLUSIVE)) Download

any mistake that made me feel so uncomfortable was unacceptable and i offer my sincere apology. it was a very difficult decision for me to make but i have to make sure that i am giving the best possible message, that is, the message of the buddha. i think that the buddha's teaching has no question of gender, as buddha himself became a woman, and that was the reason why this feminine character like maya was born to be the mother of the buddha.

zee tv buddha serial episode download


i hope that there will be no offence given and everyone will understand. if you look at the statue of the buddha there, all the buddhas were male. i have found this puzzling. it is well known that the buddha is, in fact, the first buddha. there is no question of gender, or lineage, or status or anything else. he is the first buddha. this is a very well known fact and it is not a question of gender. there is no question of a male buddha, a female buddha and a third gender buddha. i hope that there will be no question of anyone being offended.

we have not yet decided when the next episode of the tv series will be shown. i hope that i have explained the position of the tv series and now i offer my sincere apology to those who were, by any means, hurt by the serial episode, which was in the vain male child. it was a dry comment from a friend who watched the episode with me.

i was just doing my best to explain the buddha's teaching. i would like to know the details of the birth story. it will be a good way to instill the principles of the dharma in the minds of primary students.


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