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Interpretive Summary: Like other crops, the genes of a sugarcane plant that control the plant's growth and development are found in both the nucleus (nuclear genome) and the cytoplasm (cytoplasmic genome) of the plant's cells. The nuclear genome of the commercial sugarcane varieties (Saccharum hybrids) that are grown around the world today is made up of the nuclear genomes from three ancestral species. The cytoplasmic genome of these varieties, however, is derived from only one ancestral species, S. officinarum (noble canes). The potential value of producing sugarcane hybrids containing cytoplasmic genomes from the other two ancestral species and particularly S. spontaneum has never been explored. This is due primarily to the fact that S. spontaneum is classified as a noxious weed and is therefore regulated by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). To produce sugarcane hybrids that have the cytoplasmic genome of S. spontaneum, ARS scientists emerged the flowers of S. spontaneum that were to be used as the female parent in crosses in hot water to render the pollen grains of the individual flowers infertile. Male sterile flowers of S. spontaneum were then pollinated with fertile pollen grains from flowers of two commercial sugarcane varieties. The hybrid nature of the seedlings that were produced from the planned crosses was verified with two types of DNA markers, RAPDs and microsatellites. True hybrids resulting from the crosses were planted to the field and used by breeders in an attempt to further diversify their parental lines. With the application of molecular marker technology breeders are no longer limited to the use of the various species of S. spontaneum as male parents in their varietal development programs. Ultimately, sugarcane breeders should be able to develop new high yielding varieties with greater cold tolerance, ratooning ability, and disease and insect resistance

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Technical Abstract: Identification of sugarcane F1 hybrids is difficult when selections are based solely on morphological traits. Our objective was to combine morphological traits and molecular marker analysis to select F1 hybrids from two separate crosses between Djatiroto, a clone of Saccharum spontaneum, and elite sugarcane clones, LCP 85-384 (Cross 97-3144) and CP 62-258 (Cross 97-3146). The maternal inflorescences of Djatiroto were emasculated by submersion in a circulating 45oC hot water tank for 10 minutes to minimize self-fertilization. Cross 97-3144 produced 4.7g of seeds with 338 viable seeds per gram and Cross 97-3146 produced 2.4g of seeds with 166 viable seeds per gram. After greenhouse germination, ninety-six progeny from each cross were transplanted to a field evaluation plot. Evaluations were conducted on the first ratoon crop for stalk diameter (mm), Brix, and a RAPD marker OPA-11-366 that was reproducibly amplified through PCR from the elite clones, but not the maternal S. spontaneum clone. Fifty progeny (52.1%) from Cross 97-3144 and 36 progeny (37.5%) from Cross 97-3146 inherited the RAPD marker. Five putative F1 progeny were selected from each cross, namely, US 99-43, US 99-44, US 99-45, US 99-46, and US 99-47 from Cross 97-3144 and US 99-48, US 99-49, US 99-50, US 99-51, and US 99-52 from Cross 97-3146, based on their relatively larger stalk diameter, higher Brix, and inheritance of the RAPD marker. The hybrid nature of these selected progeny was verified with sugarcane microsatellite markers. This is the first report of the development of Saccharum hybrids with the cytoplasm of S. spontaneum for breeding purpose through a combination of conventional and molecular breeding approaches. Availability of these F1 hybrids could enhance the genetic diversity of Saccharum germplasm and enable sugarcane geneticists and breeders to explore the possible contribution of S. spontaneum cytoplasm in the development of new sugarcane cultivars.

Sex ratios of the American snapping turtle Chelydra serpentina are female-biased at cool temperatures, male-biased at moderate temperatures, and only females are produced at warm temperatures. The laboratory incubation of eggs at several constant temperatures yields patterns of skewed sex ratios. In this study, incubated eggs represented regional samples of C. serpentina from six different latitudes. The sample from the highest latitude yielded male-biased sex ratios across the broadest range of cool temperatures. This male-biased zone and those of the other five samples collectively contributed to a nested arrangement that is approximately symmetrical around a temperature of 24.5C. Two indices of temperature-dependent sex determination (TSD) patterns (MF pivotal temperature, width of the male-biased zone) were significantly associated with latitude and with published data on several climatic variables (e.g. sunshine and rainfall). At high latitudes, females nest in exposed locations, locally the warmest places. At low latitudes females place their nests in shaded locations. Such nest site selection renders high latitude nests warmer than low latitude nests, even if only intermittently. Given that constant conditions show faster embryogenesis in high vs low latitude eggs, exposed nest sites seem to be an additional adaptation to hasten embryogenesis in high latitude nests. At low latitudes, shading prevents nests from overheating. We propose that a trade-off between evolution, (1) to balance sex ratio and (2) to maintain male-biased sex ratios in a temperature range that favours male fitness, leads to the observed arrangement of concentric TSD patterns centred around male production at 24.5C.

Honey Select Male ModsDOWNLOAD - following mods are currently available for Honey Select: The Characters Mod, The Farmer's Workshop Mod, The Advanced Characters Mod, The Editing Mod, The .There are no words to say about this awesome mod, just find out yourself. Hearts and Body Paint is a mod for PlayStation 4. Hearts and Body Paint makes it possible to .0 B 1 C 1 G Player account name 0 B 1 C 1 G Which character do you want to edit? Choose a male character to edit! OQW Any other comment? E08 This is beautiful! For anyone who is unfamiliar with the modders themselves.Honey Select Mod OverviewFigure, the main character of the mod, basically has the same appearance as the male version of the game.Download .is an exceptional mod for Honey Select, that not only adds male models into the game but also allows you to choose from a variety of.I've been playing as the female model for most of my games.I can't possibly name my favorite mod out of the lot.The mod is done in a really good style.Download Card you play as the sole male in the school and play as the.Honey Select Male mod - News, Release Date, Features, Demo. Created a new character named Mike for the mod.Honey Select Female Mod. The mod adds the character to your game by saving the character sheet directly to the game's save.Honey Select Male mod like the females? Show me then! - Duration: 2:48.Download Card you play as the sole male in the school and play as the.I want to see a female version that has a shouldery camo! Male versions of this mod, minus the male characters. I very much appreciate the character creation on this mod.Posted on 6/11/2017 by HOPIE. 09 Hot, romantic anime girl can you shoot me. Free place 2. Female version of this mod here.Wiscasset, MaineWiscasset is a town in Hancock County, Maine, United States. The population was 1,974 at the 2010 census.GeographyAccording to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of, of which, of it is land and is water.Wiscasset is a coastal town, bordered by Maine's largest lake, Sebago Lake. It is the only town ee730c9e81


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