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Buy Globetrotter Luggage [PORTABLE]

Carry style and elegance with you, wherever in the world you travel to, with a luxury suitcase from our premium baggage collection at Globe-Trotter. Crafted from opulent materials and made with care, our range of luxury luggage is as high in quality as it is in timeless appeal. This means our luxury suitcases will serve you well for many years and many trips to come. In fact, like yourselves, they only grow in character with every adventure you let them join you on.

buy globetrotter luggage

Established in 1897 and synonymous with great British design, Globe-Trotter is reputed for its lightweight yet robust luggage. Handcrafted in Hertfordshire using Victorian machinery, these vulcanised fibreboard suitcases have been favoured over the last 100 years by an enviable clientele including Sir Winston Churchill, HM Queen Elizabeth II and Sir Edmund Hilary during his 1953 conquest of Mount Everest. Synonymous with timeless design, Globe-Trotter suitcases remain style icons to this day thanks to their unsurpassed quality and heritage aesthetic.

For the new L.A. store, Globe-Trotter created the Melrose luggage capsule collection, which is only available at the store. It features a range of classic Globe-Trotter styles with leather trim in three L.A.-inspired colors (yellow, holiday orange and moss), and a multicolored palm-tree motif lining the interior of each piece alongside the Globe-Trotter North Star logo. Globe-Trotter is known for putting its logo inside its carrying pieces instead of on the exterior, which appeals to people who prefer to be more discreet about their luggage brands.

Globe-Trotter makes luggage, but not as you know it. The British heritage brand is steeped in old-school craftsmanship and unparalleled luxury. Beloved for its iconic designs and the unsurpassable quality of its cases, bags and travel accessories, it has counted the likes of Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth II and Sir Edmund Hillary as fans. It also happens to be the official luggage of James Bond. Read on for everything you need to know about the 124-year-old label.

Yes, you can personalise your luggage with Globe-Trotter's special initialling service: A choice of typefaces, sizes and colours are available to choose from at Globe-Trotter's flagship store in London. The order is then placed with the brand's Bespoke team based at its workshops in Hertfordshire. Using traditional craft techniques, the initials are hand painted directly onto the front position (lid) of the Globe-Trotter suitcase to create a traditional yet contemporary, durable effect to last a lifetime of use. The initialling service generally takes from 2-3 weeks for completion.

Founded in 1897, Globe-Trotter is a British luxury luggage brand. Its world-renowned suitcases are known for their distinguished design and construction, with products that are handcrafted in the UK by skilled artisans using original manufacturing methods and machinery. Globe-Trotter luggage has built a loyal customer base that includes a number of prominent and influential individuals, while the business has also collaborated with numerous premium brands including Hermès, Tiffany, Gucci, Berluti and Aston Martin.

Globe-Trotter is a British manufacturer of luxury luggage, leather bags and travel accessories. The brand traces its history back to 1897 when the Sächsische Kofferfabrik "Stabilist" (Stabilist Saxon Trunk Manufactory) Friedr. Jone & Co. was founded in Dresden, Kingdom of Saxony.

When I first discovered Globe Trotter luggage, I knew it was going to be a great fit for a carry on. Because I travel so often and have a lot of camera equipment and valuables, I love that the Globe Trotter luggage is both hard side and offers straps to secure the luggage both inside and outside in case it moves around in overhead bins, but ultimately protects the contents on the inside. This was the most important feature for me since I did not want anything to break or get ruined.

I typically travel with a soft side carry on that opens from the top because it offers one deep side of luggage with some expansion, however, I have been converted to the hard side carry on now that I can fit all my items in it and secure them both inside with straps and outside after closure.

Globe Trotter luggage is luxurious and stylish in every detail possible. The company has been around since 1897 and manufactures its beautiful pieces in Hertfordshire, England by highly skilled artisans. Make no mistake, the work and design of these cases are both timeless and elegant while maintaining perfect function for all your travels. The pieces are designed to last a lifetime, as the Queen herself has been using this brand for over 70 years of travel! If the Queen loves globe Trotter, then you know it is amazing luggage.

Second thoughts about getting into the luggage game would be understandable. But rather than pull out of the acquisition, or even negotiate a better price, Castellano and his team at Oakley Capital remained bullish about their purchase.

What's more, its patented PrecisionGlide system combines three innovations that come together to result in luggage mobility that would be enviable to some of the most expensive brands on the market. The popular 25-Inch Maxlite Expandable Spinner, for instance, retails for around $150 (while the hardside option in the same size is only $10 more), while featuring adjustable hold-down straps, a high-tensile-strength expandable zipper, a two-position adjustable handle, as well as high-performance ball bearing wheels for turbulence-free maneuvering and is backed by Travelpro's "Built for a Lifetime" limited warranty.

Synonymous with great British design, Globe-Trotter (est. 1897) is a luxury travel lifestyle brand producing handcrafted luggage and leather collections. Globe-Trotter suitcases and travel accessories are handcrafted in Hertfordshire, England by highly skilled artisans using original manufacturing methods and machinery that date back to the Victorian era.Over the years, Globe-Trotter has amassed an enviable client list featuring names ranging from Captain Robert Falcon Scott, Sir Winston Churchill and HM Queen Elizabeth II to Eddie Redmayne, David Beckham and Kate Moss.

The very posh, ultra luxe Globe-Trotter line of luggage is as British as British can be. It was founded in 1897 in Saxony, Germany, by an Englishman, and has been dubbed "the quintessential British suitcase." Sir Winston Churchill always used the 18-inch suitcase, and Sir Edmund Hilary took his Globe-Trotter up to the first base camp during his conquest of Mt. Everest in 1951. Globe-Trotter suitcases and trunks were also widely used on the great steam liners including the Titanic. Nowadays, other iconic names favor this brand including Sofia Coppola, Kate Moss and Dita von Teese.

But it gets even better. You can custom-order your preferred bespoke bag, with a wide combination of colors, metal finishes, lining options and specific internal compartments. It's the ultimate in luxury luggage.

We love this video: A charity in Venice is delivering food via gondolas to help elders and families who are unable to access food. And United Airlines packed food for the needy: One of its employees who typically handles luggage has gathered a team in the cargo facility at Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport to assemble food boxes for those affected by the coronavirus.

By the time commercial aviation came into its stride, travel gear had become a well-balanced mix of style and utility. The weight and capacity restrictions for luggage spurred designers to work with lighter materials and adapt their patterns to combine protection with comfort and style. The use of new synthetic fibres and fabrics, such as rayon, viscose and nylon, all extremely resistant and easy to carry around, became widespread from the 1930s onwards.

The relationship between style and travel not only resulted in bespoke pieces of clothing. Another category of fashionable items that grew considerably owing to the development of new modes of travel in the 20th century was that of accessories. Travel bags and luggage, among others, became central to recognising the stylish traveller.

More than ever, luggage designers are responding to travelers like Ms. Fritchie, who represent a changing profile of travelers rushing through airport terminals and tapping their feet anxiously at baggage claims.

They're adding wheels to anything that holds clothing, catering to the cybercrowd by moving showrooms onto dot.coms, and adopting higher quality and lightweight materials - such as ballistic nylon. Though black is still the color of choice, alternatives - such as moss green - are popping up to help travelers distinguish their totes in the sea of black luggage flooding carousels.

Probably the biggest improvement, travel experts say, is that luggage creators are finally catching up to the dominance of carry-on culture - in particular, by crafting more bags that meet airlines' stricter carry-on standards. Tumi luggage's Wheel-A-Way products, for instance, fit a world where anything smaller than 9-by-14-by-22 inches doesn't make the cut, says Dana Carpenter, senior manager of communications for Tumi. Most other brands have lines that comply, such as Samsonite's Cabin Carry-On (about $285).

Designers are also keeping pace with modern life by expanding their traditional stores to include "click and mortar" boutiques. Their Web sites let shoppers peruse for luggage by brand, price, occasion, or style.

For those who want to bring home porcelain Mickey figurines from Disneyland or an "I'm a Friendly New Yorker!" mug from the Big Apple, consider buying baggage with a hard shell to protect such breakable souvenirs. Brenda Zimmerman, store manager of Travel 2000 in Boston, recommends sturdy pieces like Samsonite's EZ CART Suiter with a hard shell or Andiamo sets - made with ballistic nylon - for the heavy globetrotters.

Tumi's Ms. Carpenter says travelers should expect more weekend duffel styles in the wake of corporate America's move toward the casual, as well as cases with zippers that expand their size and use. Fancy luggage looks nice, but it's not always the most durable or practical, says Wendy Perrin, consumer editor at Conde Nast Traveler magazine. "If anyone is going to steal your luggage, it will be for the Louis Vuitton." 041b061a72


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