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Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall

Richard The Lionheart

On this campaign, Richard acquired the name "the Lion" or "the Lionheart" due to his noble, brave and fierce leadership.[45][43] He is referred to as "this our lion" (hic leo noster) as early as 1187 in the Topographia Hibernica of Giraldus Cambrensis,[46] while the byname "lionheart" (le quor de lion) is first recorded in Ambroise's L'Estoire de la Guerre Sainte in the context of the Accon campaign of 1191.[47]

Richard the Lionheart

In March 1199, Richard the lionheart was in Limousin attempting to surpress a revolt by Viscount Aimar V of Limoges. He besieged the castle of Châlus-Chabrol, as there was a rumour that there was a Roman treasure horde hidden there. On 26 March, Richard was hit in the shoulder with a crossbow bolt. The wound got infected and turned gangrenous. On 6 April 1199, he died in the arms of his mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine. 041b061a72


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