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Voluptuous November 1999

Earth to Andy was founded in 1997 by members of two local bands, Red Henry (from Charlottesville) and Egypt (from Washington D.C.[1][2] The band's first release, Simple Machine, was released independently and featured a cover version of The Beatles' "I Want You (She's So Heavy)".[3] Following its release, the group signed with Giant Records and released Chronicle Kings late in 1999. The album was produced by Nick Launay[4] and included an appearance by the bass player of Stone Temple Pilots, Robert De Leo.[2] The group toured with Live, Stone Temple Pilots, and Jimmie's Chicken Shack in 2000.[5][6] The album's lead single, "Still After You", was a rock radio hit, reaching #39 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts.[7] Guitarist Tony Lopacinski later played with Train[8] and has written, performed, and produced country music both in his own projects and alongside artists including Sarah Evans and Josh Gracin. Andy Waldeck has collaborated in songwriting endeavors with Robert DeLeo and Chris Daughtry. Drummer, Kevin Murphy, has since become an in-demand drummer in Nashville, playing for such artists as: Jon Pardi, Tonic, Randy Houser, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Frankie Ballard, Chuck Wicks, and many others.[9][10]

Voluptuous November 1999

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The fan-maker is not afraid. Never does she cower. She's describing, to this vengeful court, a way of life that is gone for her forever: the elegant city of pre-revolutionary Paris; mornings spent shopping and spending, gossiping and planning affairs, hours and hours spent seeking ways to capture the delicious vagaries of an overheated imagination and make those visions real through art; voluptuous nudes painted on an armoire or dressing table or a beautifully constructed fan; a world in which pleasure, both sexual and intellectual, reigns triumphant.

n a rainy night in London in 1946, two men meet in a park and one invites the other home to talk. And as Maurice Bendrix (Ralph Fiennes) climbs the curving staircase with Henry Miles (Stephen Rea), voluptuous memories of adultery rush in. Images of the two somber men are interspersed with the sound of rustling silk and sudden, erotic flashbacks: Maurice, with Henry's wife, Sarah (Julianne Moore), on the same stairs several years earlier, passionately clutching her as the two were about to make love for the first time. When it comes to holiday films worth swooning over, here's the one to see.

After retiring from the game in 1998, 35-year-old Morace co-hosted the soccer show "Gala Goal" on Italy's popular Telemontecarlo network. The role of cohost is "still considered the most obvious role for women on television," writes Rigillo. "Italian broadcasters appear to believe voluptuous bodies mean ratings. Morace, however, was not chosen for her physical beauty. She was picked for her unquestionable expertise." Morace was soon promoted to the role of "expert" on the show.

*** A world-famous Hollywood star falls inexplicably in love with a bookstore owner in a modest London neighborhood. Worst weakness: too many love-conquers-all clichs. Strongest asset: Grant's dewy eyes and Roberts's voluptuous mouth are a romantic-comedy dream team.

As a result of the debate and work which had been initiated by that meeting, the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) was born as a growing group of scholars who wanted to establish a standard for electronic text encoding and interchange. Very early in their proceedings, the choice was made for SGML as the meta-language for a specification, and the TEI markup language was articulated as a set of SGML DTD's (Document Type Definition). The first official publication of the Guidelines was published in 1994 and corrected in 1999. These P3 Guidelines, a 2 volume, 1300 pages documentation, (Sperberg-McQueen & Burnard, 1994), specify what the SGML markup in the TEI application means, and propose a set of DTD's for the encoding of virtually any kind of text for scholarly research. As Michael Sperberg-McQueen has pointed out,

As pointed out before, the work of the TEI and especially the TEI Xpointer and Xlink syntax (DeRose & Durand, 1995) which realizes the concept of hypertext in TEI, have been instrumental in the creation of XML (eXtensible Markup Language) (DeRose, 1999). Whereas the SGML specification is a voluminous book (Goldfarb, 1990), the XML 1.0 spec only counts thirty odd pages (hence it is beyond my understanding why publishers keep on publishing 350 page books on XML), and promises the power of SGML with the ease of HTML. HTML is an application of SGML, while XML is specified as a profile (or subset) of SGML. The XMLization of TEI will no doubt be the next widely accepted standard for research in the Humanities.

In the case of Stijn Streuvels' De teleurgang van den Waterhoek for example, the second print edition from 1939 differs extensively from the first print edition from 1927. The drastically revised edition of 1939 only retained 73.4% of the original text of the first print edition and was probably the author's response to both the publisher's request to produce a shorter and hence a more marketable book, and the catholic critique who had fulminated against the elaborate depiction of the erotic relationship between two of the main characters: the headstrong and voluptuous village girl Mira and Maurice, the reserved but promising engineer from the city. Mainly for commercial reasons, Streuvels made his novel less offensive for catholic Flanders and literally crossed out the denounced passages on his copy of the first print edition which then served as a printer's manuscript for the second print edition. This "filtered" version of the text especially lacks the essential psychological descriptions which give depth to the main characters. Up to 1987, this revised text had been the basis for 13 reprints of the book, and for most of literary criticism, thus presenting a deformed text and image of the text to generations of interested readers and students of literature.

In 1998, the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature (Koninklijke Academie voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde, Gent) created the Electronic Streuvels Project (ESP) which had as it main goal the electronic-critical edition of Stijn Streuvels' De teleurgang van den Waterhoek. So far, both a text-critical reading edition in bookform (De Smedt & Vanhoutte, 1999), and an electronic-critical edition on CD-Rom (De Smedt & Vanhoutte, 2000) have been published as spin-off products from the ESP.

Edward Vanhoutte ( is co-ordinator of the Centre for Textual Criticism and Document Studies in Ghent (Centrum voor Teksteditie en Bronnenstudie - CTB) and SGML/XML consultant in different academic projects in Belgium and The Netherlands. He publishes widely on textual and genetic criticism and electronic scholarly editing, and runs graduate courses on textual criticism and electronic publishing at the University of Antwerp (UIA). Amongst his most recent publications are the text-critical reading edition in bookform (Manteau, 1999) and the electronic-critical edition on CD-Rom of Stijn Streuvels' De teleurgang van den Waterhoek (Amsterdam University Press/KANTL, 2000) which he prepared together with Marcel De Smedt. 041b061a72


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