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Naum Afanasyev
Naum Afanasyev

Lynda Com Lightroom 5 Essentials 03 ^NEW^

Shortcuts for all versions -shortcuts/ Jeffrey Friedl's LR Blog -equipment/lightroom/ Hue, Saturation, Luminance Adjustments -dev3/ Forums dedicated to support of LR Tips, tricks, tutorials & more for LR users PhotoPresets with One-Click WOW! Free presets for LR by Jack Davis -wow.php Inside LR - Tips and Presets Layers Magazine LR Tutorials LR Resource Center Tutorials LR 1.0 Video Tutorials by Michael Tapes _Tutorials/Photoshop_LR/01/ Photography Bay Great LR Resources 28-great-adobe-lightroom-resources LR blog emphasizing web galleries =Lightroom Apple iPad, iPhone Photography Applications

lynda com lightroom 5 essentials 03


Understanding White Balance and Color Temperature -tutorials/Understanding-white-balance-color-temperature/124393/141819-4.html Creating a Contact Sheet: -lightroom-5/creating-a-contact-sheet/ Using the Histogram to Correct Exposure -tutorials/Using-histogram-correct-exposure/124393/141827-4.html

Note that the world's biggest software university,, offers 6 hours of Affinity Photo training that can be accessed along with thousands of other tutorials for $30/month (no multi-month commitment, and is actually free for the first month).

I know I am late to the the party. I think Capture One gives you sharper jpegs, I guess the sharpening algorithm is better than lightrooms. I use Capture One for all my personal images, but when I have to batch process many images I use LR.


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