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Valery Blokhin
Valery Blokhin

How to Play Any Synth or Sampler with Your Guitar Using JamOrigin MIDI Guitar

to find the best possible parameters for your sound board, you will have to do a bit of experimentation. for example, you will want to guess what sample rate, buffer size, number of channels, number of bits per sample, etc.


the original opencore java library was designed to work on the iphone by christopher and chris, but this library has changed so much that it is now extremely easy to create different types of controllers for the iphone and android. in the past you would need to write a new algorithm for each sound to be played. opencore libraries changed that by supporting multiple sound sources, a way to animate different objects at once, and other nifty stuff. however this library is nowhere near finished, and there are probably a few problems left unfixed. the library has never been tested on a vm other than the iphone, and will not work on a vm other than the iphone in the short term.

much of the original opencore java library will work unchanged. if you know how to use the original opencore java library, you should be able to work with this library. otherwise the primary reason for releasing this library is to serve as a deprecation library for your open source projects that use the opencore java library. although the interface will be far less simple than with the original library, the code will be much more flexible and powerful. opencore java will still support voice synthesis, midi playback, and simple audio playback, but for most uses this library will suffice.

the jamcore library is capable of the same things. the changes are mostly cosmetic. if you have created any midi-related projects with opencore java, you likely will not notice any differences. however, some people will have problems that can't be worked out by searching the web, and some things may be fixed or changed. for those reasons i am providing a deprecation library for opencore java, and you should consider the jamcore library instead.


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