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Cancer Death Shall Rise MP3 Download _BEST_

Our goal is to cut the cancer death rates at least by 50 percent in the next 25 years, turn more cancers from death sentences to treatable diseases, provide more support for patients and their families.

Cancer Death Shall Rise MP3 Download


At present, approximately 1.3 billion people smoke and more than 5 million people die globally from smoking each year.1 In contrast to the decline in smoking prevalence among high income countries, tobacco use continues to rise in low and middle-income countries.1 As a consequence, global tobacco consumption is still increasing and smoking attributable death is projected to rise beyond eight million deaths per year by 2030.

In China, as in many other low and middle-income countries, there is little published information about the level of health knowledge about smoking.1 A study conducted among industrial workers in Shanghai two decades ago found that only 53% of smokers and 76% of non-smokers were generally aware that smoking is harmful to health, and only 51% of smokers reported that smoking causes lung cancer.10 A more recent study among Chinese physicians found that a majority knew that smoking causes lung cancer and other chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, but only two-thirds (67%) knew that smoking could cause heart disease.11 These findings are particularly troubling given that smoking is a primary risk factor for heart disease, another leading cause of premature death in China.12 Similar gaps in knowledge have been identified in other studies with healthcare providers.13 14 However, to our knowledge, there are no population-based studies of smoking-related health knowledge in China. 041b061a72


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