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Crimson Trace Buy One Get One Free

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crimson trace buy one get one free

Crimson Trace Laser Grips were designed with self defense in mind. Under duress, even skilled shooters will have a diminished capacity for accuracy, which makes them less effective at protecting themselves, and may cause them to be more dangerous to innocent bystanders. Take the guess work out of your shooting by adding a laser sight by Crimson Trace to your pistol, revolver or long gun! You need every advantage over an attacker. As many crimes happen at night, those carrying a pistol for self defense are forced to shoot in low light conditions. It can be very difficult to accurately aim a pistol in such situations. The added accuracy, higher target acquisition speed and extreme ease of use from a laser sight will keep you firing on target. Crimson Trace Laser Grips are on sale and we offer free shipping with each order over $49. If you have any questions about which laser sight will fit your firearm be sure to get in contact with us and one of our product specialists will ensure you select the right item.

Crimson Trace is expressing its gratitude to customers by providing free batteries for life! Existing owners and new customers alike will be able to receive a free set of batteries per year and product. They'll also ship them straight to your home.

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One of the best deals that stood out was on the Ruger PC Carbine, located on page 12 below. This Black Friday, Academy Sports is selling the PC Carbine for $399, a full $80 cheaper than other deals we have seen. Beyond the Ruger, Academy will have a buy 1 get one free gun package, the Smith & Wesson Shield 2.0 with a Crimson Trace laser for $299, and much more.

For Nate Oats, it always goes back to the method he taught as a high school math teacher: You study the numbers, you follow the numbers. Nearly 20 years ago, Oats was teaching math and coaching the varsity basketball team at Romulus (Mich.) High School when he became friends with Vance Walberg, the impresario of the four-out, one-in, dribble-drive motion offense that was later popularized by John Calipari, among many others. Oats also attended a lot of college clinics and NBA training camps, and as a result he got ahead of the curve of the analytics craze, worshipping at the altar of free throws, shots at the rim, and kick-out 3-pointers (in that order).

The bad news for Kansas is its most talented offensive player, 6-8 redshirt freshman Jalen Wilson, is not asserting himself enough. Even though his shooting was off against the Cowboys, Wilson kept settling for jumpers, which is why he finished with four points and did not attempt a free throw in 32 minutes. The Jayhawks are operating with a thin bench because of injuries to 6-5 freshman guard Bryce Thompson (broken finger) and 6-7 juco transfer Tyon Grant-Foster (shoulder), so they need their best players to play their best in order to beat good teams. I still believe the ceiling is high for this team, but it has been a while since I thought the Jayhawks were reaching it. 041b061a72


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