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kotaku is reporting that the latest tech news out of japan is that a panel made up of sony, sony worldwide studios boss shuhei yoshida, and a guy they call "giga tokyo" (who's identity is not yet known by the public) said they have planned a "worldwide strategy" for sony, which apparently includes an expansion of a number of titles to mobile platforms. three games are in the mobile strategy, and they will be the theme of the meeting on march 7th. the three games are kill la kill: second season, the [email protected] cinderella girls: the secret code, and the rhythm game "perfect chart" and have an estimated release date of late 2012 to early 2013. they also said they were interested in getting more games to playstation vita.

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the kill la kill: second season smartphone game is listed on the playstation page, and is confirmed to be out for ios and android in japan. they have a page up for the game and there are some screenshots.

there's also a rumor that's been going around the past few weeks that it's not really going to be a unified strategy, and that all the games are going to hit mobile phones. if it's true then the games are presumably a sort of tryout for sony to see what they like and what they can make money off of.

talking to kotaku, yoshida said of mobile games, "were trying to use new technologies to make games more accessible to new audiences, whether its with streaming, with cloud gaming or remote operation..for a long time, the idea that every game was created for console hardware was the philosophy of big studios. but there are so many different ways to get into games now. we want to support as many people as possible, and the most effective way to do that is not only with traditional console gaming but a variety of new methods. thats the ideal were trying to achieve."


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