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Cooper Ward
Cooper Ward

Psychedelic Soul WAV KONTAKT

This Soulful Hip Hop Sample Pack is one for Tru-School hip hop heads and dusty vinyl junkies. Influenced by the soulful sounds of legendary artists like J Dilla, Pete Rock, DJ Premier and Roy Ayers, this thoughtful Hip Hop Sample Pack brings you all the audio tools you need to create super-smooth, head-nod Hip Hop beats.

Psychedelic Soul WAV KONTAKT

Lovingly created by Prime Loops' latest producer signing RiggleBeats this fresh new 500MB+ Hip Hop Sample Pack also delivers crisp, un-quantized drum breaks providing that killer neo-soul swing, as well as a folder of shuffling percussion loops to keep things flowing!

Each of the four Abbey Road Drummer instruments includes a Groove Library with over 1,000 grooves, variations and fills. The grooves complement the sound of each instrument: Abbey Road 60s Drummer includes rhythms for rock'n'roll, blues, jazz, soul/motown and psychedelic rock, for example. Importantly, all grooves were played live by session drummers for a fluid, authentic feel. The grooves are provided as MIDI files, and can easily be transferred into a host sequencer via drag-and-drop for detailed editing and arrangement. For drummers, the software offers MIDI mapping templates for various electronic drum sets and third-party drum software, plus flexible custom mapping options.

Clavi Twin '78 captures the heart & soul of a vintage run-down Hohner Clavinet Pianet Duo, complete with scuffs, stains, and over 40 years of hard use and abuse. This unique combo allowed keyboardists to blend the two instruments, or use the Pianet as a bass in the left hand while playing Clavi in the right. Since both sets of strings lived inside the enclosure, this funkmaster was heavy (over 75 lbs)! The Clavinet was designed in 1961 by German engineer Ernst Zacharias - he loved listening to Bach harpsichord music and created an amplified version for Hohner. Music legends like Stevie Wonder made the Clavinet an icon, embracing the electric guitar-like tones while running it through distortion, tape echo, and phaser pedals.

Description: Motor City Soul Vol. 2: Vintage Hip-Hop invites you to return to your favorite music store. The dream of digital cratediggers and one of our most popular collaborations with Arthouse Acoustics. Golden eras, authentic jazz, soul and blues compositions and drum samples. Paying homage to the sample-based creators of hip-hop and the records that inspired them. We recorded live performances with professional players, including vintage pianos, muted jazz club pipes, soulful guitars and moody double basses. These original compositions have been sanded, mixed and crafted and then re-sampled and re-imagined to create an additional collection. Dripping in nostalgia and all royalty free. 350c69d7ab


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