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One Piece (Dub) Episode 217

The anime television series currently consists of 41 pieces of theme music, 23 opening themes and 18 ending themes. As of episode 279, ending themes were omitted and, starting from episode 326 onwards, opening themes were extended from 110 seconds long to 150 seconds long. In episodes 1-206 of Funimation's English-language release of the series, the opening and ending themes were dubbed into English by various voice actors, before reverting to the Japanese versions from episodes 207 onward and later some openings were not licensed by Funimation's release, leaving only the narration dubbed on select opening themes.

One Piece (Dub) Episode 217


Faragonda speaks with Griffin in her office about their students working together to prevent the Trix from stealing the school's Codex. Griffin is not pleased with working with fairies but sees that there is no other choice. With the agreement in place, Faragonda sends the Winx to Cloud Tower to provide extra security for that school's Codex piece as she and Griffin believe it to be Darkar and the Trix's next target.

The bundles were undone and their contents laidout on the narrow bit of turf between the trees and theedge of the cliff; two lengths of rope, a gallon can ofblue paint, a ball of stout twine, a piece of steel wirebent into a double hook, and an oak board sixteen incheslong and six inches wide, notched on each side nearthe ends. When they were all displayed Dan lookedthem over as a general might view his troops. Suddenlyhe struck his right fist into his left palm with a loudsmack:

It was subsequently cut into four equal pieces anddistributed among the quartet, Bob having been dulyapprised of the midnight proceedings and having been[160]so evidently hurt at being left out of their confidencethat he was made a recipient of a share of the spoilsof war. Directly after breakfast the Four had takenthemselves unobtrusively off through the woods to bringback the abandoned canoe. When they neared the spotwhere they had left it they heard voices and paused toconsider. 041b061a72


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