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Best Buy Razor Scooter

Micro-mobility devices like e-bikes and electric scooters are the game changer that cities need to combat the transportation crisis, and reverse the environmental impact that gas-powered cars have had.

best buy razor scooter

Well, for its price, the GXL has one of the best braking power in its class. The scooter employs regenerative braking on the front tire and has a rear disc brake that work together to bring the scooter to a stop in 5.0 m from its top speed of 21.7 kmh.

Something else this affordable electric scooter does well is deliver a good ride quality. The 21.6-centimeter pneumatic tires absorb a lot of the vibrations experienced on the riding track, and their grip keeps the scooter grounded during the ride. You also get 21.8 centimeters x 15.2-centimeters of deck space, which for a scooter this size is pretty generous.

That said, we still expect some trade-offs like the lack of tail lights and that the GXL does not ride aggressively. However, other than walking, this is the least expensive, most reliable way to get to your destination. And if you are committed to the brand, you can check out their other entry-level cheap scooters like the Gotrax XR Elite or the Gotrax XR Ultra.

The Hiboy S2 is the fastest cheap electric scooter, with a maximum speed of 30.6 kmh. This top speed is one of the greatest bargains for speed per dollar. It also has a decent acceleration of 6.2 seconds to 24.2 kmh, beating popular electric scooters like the Ninebot Max, Xiaomi m365, and Uscooters Booster Sport.

Fast electric scooters need good braking, and the Hiboy S2 relies on dual braking mechanisms comprising a front electric and rear disc brake. Combined, they have enough braking power to bring the scooter to a stop in 4.4 m from a speed of 24.2 kmh. Both brakes can be controlled via the right lever, but the electronic brakes can be activated independently via the left thumb control.

The Hiboy S2 e-scooter does not deliver the most comfortable ride and ranks 5th for ride comfort on this list. The not-so-great ride quality is courtesy of the 21.6 centimeter honeycomb tires. However, they are not as stiff as fully solid rubber tires, and their impact is slightly lessened by the rear suspension. The 43.2 centimeter x 15.2 centimeter riding platform is not the most adequate, and riders may struggle finding a comfortable stance, but it is quite typical of commuter scooters.

That aside, the E22 e-scooter is one of the most interesting commuters to purchase. The scooter accommodates an extra battery that riders can mount on the stem, which extends the speed from our tested 20.9 kmh to 26.1 kmh. The extra battery juice also expands the range from 16.3 kilometers to 26.7 kilometers and helps extend the battery life of the main battery.

The scooter also has a well-rounded performance with top speeds of 26.2 kmh, which is quite typical of electric scooters in this class. You can access any of the 4 riding modes, including E-Save (practically a walk-assist mode that helps as you push the scooter alongside you on a bike lane), Custom, Pedestrian, and Sport mode. The 48 V, 365 wh battery delivers a best-in-class range at 25.3 kilometers. For safety, the 75 mm drum brakes provide the shortest braking distance in its class at 4.2 m from a speed of 24.2 kmh and resist skidding when bringing the scooter to a stop.

Finally, the smooth braking and throttle further improve the ride experience. And we love the always-on, adjustable halo headlight.; The bright headlight crowns the safety features, and we can call this the best cheap electric scooter on our list for night riding. The dash is nice, bright, and easy to read, even in direct sunlight making the KQi2 Pro a reliable electric scooter. Note that this scooter only supports riders weighing under 99.0 kgs, so heavier riders should check out their bigger scooters; the KQi3 Pro and the KQi3 Max.

To close up this list, we have another charming budget electric scooter from one of our favorite emerging brands, Anyhill. We loved their larger Anyhill UM-2 with its removable battery, center stand, and ultra-stable ride, and were just as pleased to test their entry-level scooter, the UM1.

The UM1 scooter also has a smooth, stable ride from its 22.9 centimeter pneumatic tires. The stability is also a result of the wedge of rubber built into the stem, which absorbs vibrations that would otherwise reach your hands. Anyhill describes this as their built-in vibration damper.

The UM1 relies on a dual braking system for stopping with a well-executed regen brake on the left handlebar, plus a rear mechanical disc brake for when you need a little extra stopping power. Other things the UM1 electric scooter does well is the easy-to-read display, front and rear light (but it has no brake light function), the IP54 rating, and a large grippy deck that inspires confidence.

Unagi is one of few outliers, standing out with its design, lifestyle-focused, strong U.S. brand, and a long list of celebrities and creatives proudly riding their Unagi electric scooters. It is an incredibly light scooter whose solid feel gives you complete control over your riding. It has a better ride than any scooter in its weight class on hilly tracks thanks to the dual motors, and also feels great to ride on flat surfaces.

Our favorite method to identify standout performance is to plot performance versus another variables such as price, calculate the trend line for the group, and then look for outliers, or scooters that are farthest from the trendline in the intended direction.

It had amazing performance scores for range per dollar and range per pound, but the ride quality and build quality were just not up to the same level as the other scooters. We covered this topic in detail in Liveshow #88.

This year's Black Friday is officially November 25, but Black Friday has evolved from a one-day affair to almost a season-long event. We often see the smaller electric scooter stores start their Black Friday sales the week before Black Friday itself, and the bigger retailers launch their sales closer to the day itself.

This 2022 is slightly different, however, as the best Black Friday electric scooter deals have started even earlier than usual. Due to the cost of living crisis, shoppers will want to spread out their spending while retailers would want to encourage them to do so.

We'll be rounding up the best Black Friday deals on electric scooters as soon as they start. However, if you'd prefer to browse the sales yourself, big retailers like Amazon and Walmart in the US and Curry's, John Lewis, and Very in the UK are your best bets for deep discounts and record-low prices. Last year, we saw these retailers offer up to $100/100 off.

Black Friday has been and gone, but some of the best Black Friday electric scooter deals are still live. These include some amazing discounts of up to 35%. The best electric scooters are usually quite expensive, and any discounts on such a major purchase is going to be extremely helpful.

In the US, the best Black Friday electric scooter deals we've seen so far are the NIU KQi2 Pro, which is currently $150 off at NIU (opens in new tab), the GoTrax XR Elite MAX, which is now down to $400 at GoTrax with code BFXRE (opens in new tab), and the TurboAnt V8 Dual-Battery, which is now only $619 at TurboAnt (opens in new tab) when you use a code. There's also the Hiboy KS4 Pro, which is $285 off at Amazon (opens in new tab).

Even in the UK, electric scooter Black Friday deals abound. The Xiaomi Mi 1S is heavily discounted at 349 at Halfords (opens in new tab) and even the popular Pure Air Pro 2nd Gen is now 100 off at Pure Electric (opens in new tab). Some deals are even getting better. The Pure Air Pro LR 2nd Gen is even cheaper than last week at 599 at Pure Electric (opens in new tab).

We also recommend sticking with established brands. E-scooters from tiny companies listed on Amazon might be cheap, but you won't get the same after-sales service you would if you stuck with a bigger brand. Plus, you might find that the build quality isn't as good if the manufacturer doesn't have to stick to certain guidelines and local laws.

If a deal looks too good to be true, take a close look at the scooter's specifications before adding it to your cart. Kids' and adults' electric scooters look identical in photos, without anything for scale, and that super cheap e-scooter you've spotted may only be suitable for riders under 16 years old.

There are premium e-scooter brands that make great scooters and always partake in the Black Friday fray. However, we've found that a handful of more affordable brands also roll out e-scooters that are just as great or even better for less. When looking for e-scooter deals, you might want to take a look at offerings from TurboAnt and Hiboy first.

Choosing the best electric scooter is not exactly a straightforward affair. Sometimes, what the manufacturer says on paper isn't exactly what you'll get, especially in terms of performance. However, we do try and test every electric scooter that comes our way, so we know which ones are worth your money. Before Black Friday, be sure to read our electric scooter guide so you have an idea of the models that might be best-suited for you. 041b061a72


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