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About Joan (2022)

Joan loved to spend her time listening to music, crocheting, playing cards, playing bingo, and fishing when she could. One of the many great things about Joan was her fiery sense of humor. She and her family have had the privilege of sharing many laughs over the years. Joan loved and valued her family dearly and she leaves a legacy of wonderful memories with her loved ones. She had a way of being able to bring sunshine and joy into the lives of those she touched. Joan will be very missed by many.

About Joan (2022)


In this VHS archival interview from 1979, Bay Area Figurative artist Joan Brown spoke about how she drew inspiration from many sources to create colorful works that merge autobiography, fantasy, and whimsy.

What could be a journey through the life of Joan touching on the romance, family, ups, downs and roadblocks that make life worth living, the film feels scattered and cluttered. With a muddled timeline that actually hinders the tale, an inconsistent focus on minor characters, some egregious orientalism and a rather sudden about-turn near the end, the whole thing kinda falls flat.

There was much nodding of heads with understanding although underlying the stories was the silent question: What about me? I noticed that the conversation became peppered with words like purpose, feeling invisible, not fitting in with grown children, being sidelined. I settled back in my beach chair and sunk into the warmth that comes with reciprocity and raw truth smiling at the energy, the passion, the desire, the shared knowing. It brought to mind a line by therapist, Jean Shinoda Bolen:

Coming in at #10 and likely to keep on climbing is my most recent post, a game of Family Feud in which I offer thoughts about how essential it is to focus not on skills or expertise but rather on attributes to look for as you build a leadership pipeline on your board. Play along!

Penny was so active and had a heart for service in every aspect of life. She enjoyed bowling, golf, walking, biking and her long hikes in the mountains as well as bragging about her 14 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren.

Joan was a very talented woman. She was a seamstress and made all of their clothes, drapes, wedding dresses, doll clothes and sewed for many other people. She also made and repaired ceramics, did stained glass and made natural soaps. Joan was Robert's business partner in "Stottler Arabians" for many years, raising, breeding and showing Arabian horses. They had a total of 50 at one time and this was in addition to their full time jobs in the cities. Robert died in 1997 and Joan still had about 16 horses to care for. Once she sold all the horses, her son Brian built her a beautiful pole building on her home property; just west of Rush City. Here her love for antiques grew into "Between the Rushes" an antique mall which she operated for several years. 041b061a72


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