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Valery Blokhin
Valery Blokhin

Wind Electric Systems Bhadra.pdf ^HOT^

With its comprehensive treatment of topics, this book will benefit students as well as practising engineers working on wind energy. The book introduces the basics of wind energy and then discusses the conversion of wind energy into electrical energy, wind energy integration with the local grid, stand-alone generation and consumption, variable-speed wind generators, and hybrid power systems. The book assumes no prior knowledge in the field and therefore would also be suitable for readers with a non-electrical-engineering background.

Wind Electric Systems Bhadra.pdf

The wind and solar energy is freely available and environment friendly. The combination of energy sources provides more reliable power than any one source alone. These hybrid vehicles will become independent of oil. Based on the research and other findings, the hybrid vehicle will become popular and people will be interested on this. So this research is more important when considering the current investments by both Government and the Auto industry. This hybrid vehicles technology will play an important role in future as they are the vehicles of tomorrow. Marketing and sales will not require more investment since they are eco- friendly and better than existing models. The aim of the paper is to give the current trends of the design, operation and control requirement of wind-solar hybrid energy systems. The paper highlights the economic attractiveness of hybrid vehicles and need for this in the future auto industry.


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