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How to stop NPC bouncing in Far Cry 2 - PC Gamer

Far Cry 2 NPC Bouncing: What Is It and How to Fix It

If you are a fan of open-world first-person shooter games, you might have played or heard of Far Cry 2. This game was released in 2008 by Ubisoft and received critical acclaim for its realistic graphics, immersive gameplay, and dynamic world. However, Far Cry 2 also has some technical issues that can ruin your experience, such as the infamous "NPC bouncing" bug. In this article, we will explain what NPC bouncing is, why it happens, and how you can fix it.

far cry 2 npc bouncing


What is Far Cry 2?

Far Cry 2 is a sequel to the original Far Cry, which was released in 2004 by Crytek. Unlike its predecessor, which was set on a tropical island, Far Cry 2 takes place in a fictional African country that is torn by civil war. You play as a mercenary who is hired to assassinate a notorious arms dealer known as "The Jackal". Along the way, you have to deal with hostile factions, malaria, weapon degradation, fire propagation, and dynamic weather.

What is NPC bouncing?

NPC bouncing is a physics bug that can occur when you run Far Cry 2 at high framerates (above 60 FPS). This bug causes some non-player characters (NPCs) to bounce up and down uncontrollably, making them impossible to interact with or kill. This can prevent you from starting or completing missions, unlocking safe houses, buying weapons, or progressing the story.

Why does NPC bouncing happen?

The exact cause of NPC bouncing is not clear, but it seems to be related to how the game engine handles physics calculations at high framerates. Some speculate that newer hardware runs the game too fast and the NPCs (or the engine itself) can't handle it. Others suggest that it has something to do with how the game synchronizes animations with sound effects. Whatever the reason, NPC bouncing is a frustrating problem that can ruin your enjoyment of Far Cry 2.

How to Fix NPC Bouncing

Fortunately, there are some ways to fix NPC bouncing or at least reduce its occurrence. Here are three methods that you can try:

Method 1: Use Vsync and Cap FPS to 60

This method involves using the game's built-in options to enable vertical synchronization (Vsync) and limit your frames per second (FPS) to 60. Vsync is a feature that synchronizes your monitor's refresh rate with your game's framerate, preventing screen tearing and stuttering. Capping your FPS to 60 ensures that your game runs at a stable speed that matches your monitor's refresh rate (assuming you have a standard 60 Hz monitor). Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to the game options and turn on Vsync

Launch Far Cry 2 and go to Options > Video > Advanced Options. Find the Vsync option and set it to On. This will prevent screen tearing and smooth out your gameplay.

Step 2: Save your settings and exit the game

After turning on Vsync, save your settings and exit the game. This will allow you to edit your game profile file in the next step.

Step 3: Go to your game folder and open GamerProfile.xml

Navigate to C:\Users\ (Yourusername)\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 2 (or wherever you installed the game) and find the file called GamerProfile.xml. This file contains your game settings and preferences. Open it with a text editor like Notepad.

Step 4: Add the line MaxFPS="60" after AllowAsynchShaderLoading="1"

In GamerProfile.xml, find the line AllowAsynchShaderLoading="1" and add the line MaxFPS="60" after it. It should look like this:

AllowAsynchShaderLoading="1" MaxFPS="60">

This will limit your FPS to 60, which should prevent NPC bouncing from happening.

Step 5: Save the file and set it as read-only

After adding the line MaxFPS="60", save GamerProfile.xml and close it. Then right-click on it, go to Properties, and check the box that says Read-only. This will prevent the game from overriding your changes.