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Daniel Hall

In The Lupin III: La Cospirazione Dei Fuma __HOT__

After this film, Lupin leaves the gang for a while to try to solve the mysteries on his own. However, the Fuma Clan's villainous ninja organization has set their sights on him; someone has begun their clumsy attempt to destroy the world. But who is out to destroy Lupin and why? Lupin enters the labyrinth of secrets with the Fuma Clan. The adventure is in full swing as Lupin and his gang of thieves try to make a getaway! But who has put a price on his head? And how far will this crazy adventure take him, both in the real world and in his dreams?

in the Lupin III: La cospirazione dei Fuma

The Re:Lupin team states that once an editor has finished the script, they send it to the voice actors with a prompt to deliver. This was the case for this anime. While this was happening, Yamaha tsuka was in charge of the sound and sound editing of this anime.

The majority of the character design is done by Maiko Ito. She also does the episode soundtracks. Unlike previous Lupin III series, the animation of this anime is done by Tatsumi Suzuki. As the animator of the series, she worked on the designs of the characters, which include many new ones not seen before.

The screenplay, which was handed over to Takehiro Hira and Saburo Yatsude, starts off with Jigen meeting a man called Tono who offers him to deal the drugs and later Jigen is blackmailed by the same man. He is later taken to the main character Lupin by the mysterious man, who is revealed to be a hacker. He then goes to the auction to bid on the same land which Murasaki receives an inheritance from her father after the sale is over, and buys it for his gang. Lupin is then jailed for the drugs that Tono gave him. Jigen saves Lupin and they escape from the jail. The duo then take the money from the bank and are thrown to the riverbank, they later manage to escape from the gang's member.


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