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FreeFileSync 9.0 Crack With Portable Free Download

I liked this utility very much, but it stopped being portable to non-donors (being a donor in Brazil is complicated for many reasons). I looked for other similar utilities. Here I found fastcopy, I found it interesting. I had the happiness of finding SyncFolders, which is also portable. You can find it here I think could add it here.

FreeFileSync 9.0 Crack with Portable Free Download

When I run the "local and portable version", my antivirus program warned me about a "potentially unwanted" OCSetupHlp.dll (OC = OpenCandy). I neutralized it and went on installing the program, but it installed locally, without asking me for a destination folder. So I had to uninstall FreeFileSync and try again, without neutralizing the OpenCandy library: this time the "portable" option was shown.It's time for me to look for an alternative.

The latest version - 3.17 - makes it very difficult to upgrade from a previous version. If you have an older version with profiles already set, you must first download a 'converter' and run it on all of those profiles to convert them. This is no taks for an amateur since there are no instructions. User BEWARE before upgrading.

I would like to see the excluded items shown in the list (like in GoodSync) and with filter buttons, instead of using the check boxes in the filter box.Would be very nice to Expand and Colapse folders. It's very anoying to scroll through my 27563 files eveytime, just to remove a folder from the sync.Also, even if multiple folders is allowed to be compared, the filters for each folder as to be written by hand. It would be nice to have some way of assigning a filter to a pair particular pair of comparing folders.However, this is the best free sync software I found, and I tested a LOT of them. The Portable version is a true GEM. Better than this one is just GoodSync, but you have to pay to get the full version.

This free sync program is the best! No need for commercial products anymore after discovering this. Been using for few months now. Never gonna look back! With each new release speed has increased with new features.

FreeFileSync is truly a fantastic program and it is portable too. I install it on an USB stick. I had been using Syncback for over 5 years. I found that FreeFileSync is the only open source freeware that can match the paid version of Syncback software in terms of speed in handling folders with huge number of files (up to 30Gb). It runs perfectly in Windows XP sp2. I shall try it out on Vista soon. Its web site says FreeFileSync can run in Linux as well. Many thanks to the author Mr. ZenJu. I am sure this software will in time become an extremely popular download.

FreeFileSync is a free and open-source program used for file synchronization. It is available on Windows, Linux and macOS. The project is backed by donations. Donors get access to a Donation Edition that contains a few additional features such as an auto-updater, parallel sync, portable version, and silent installation.[2] FreeFileSync has received positive reviews.[3][4]

AOMEI Backupper Standard (totally ad-free) is one of the best alternative to FreeFileSync freeware in Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, etc and it covers most of the features, parallel file copy, email notification, one-way file sync, and provides you with more:

This is a free, open-source folder comparison and synchronization software for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It also works on 64bit operating systems on all platforms.The program can be installed in two versions: a standard installer on Windows or a portable application (no registry entries). Powered by a clean, easy, intuitive interface, this tool offers many features for synchronization purposes.

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While the software is not free, I was happy to pay for it. For God's sake, they have a published phone number and answered the phone. We had an intelligent conversation with Alex who was more than capable to answer our questions. Highly recommend A++

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