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Valery Blokhin
Valery Blokhin

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Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVPs) provide the ideal combination of performance, flexibility and usability for development and debug at all levels of the software stack. Based on Arm Fast Models, a library of FVPs is supplied with Development Studio for Cortex-A, Cortex-R, Cortex-M, and Neoverse processors. In addition, Development Studio supports custom FVPs created using the Arm Fast Models package, using the Platform Configuration Editor (PCE).

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If a victim unpacks a password-protected archive, extracting program will ask for the password only once, not every time per each file. So end user will not see the difference -- whether the program does not ask for a password, because it already knows it (original file) or because the file being extracted doesn't need a password (file modified by me). This way, I can inject something really bad into a password-protected ZIP file, without knowing its password and count on the receiver assuming the file is unmodified.


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