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Microsoft Toolkit V2.4.8

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Microsoft Toolkit v2.4.8

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Updated Red Carpet Subscription toolkits and products are now generally available. IPWorks 2022 toolkits updates include many new features and components, including .NET Async, Delphi FMX support, and more. FIPS compliance is supported in IPWorks SSH and IPWorks SSL toolkits. S3 Drve and SFTP Drive have new capabilities for running on servers, while the Cloud toolkits are easier to use and support OAuth 2.0.

The rest of this section presents instructions for creating, testing, deploying, and redeploying your ASP.NET web application to Elastic Beanstalk. Some examples demonstrate using the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio, and The AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio subsection explains how to manage and configure your applications and environments using the toolkit. For more information about prerequisites, installation instructions, and running code samples, go to the AWS Toolkit for Microsoft Visual Studio. This site also provides useful information about tools, how-to topics, and additional resources for ASP.NET developers.

CertificateThumbprint option in connect-microsoftteams is gone with version 2.5.0. Nothing about this in in release notes. Documentation does not state its gone.Why is this option gone when EXO, AAD scripts still support it?


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