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Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall

Vb Decompiler Pro 9.2 197

decompilers can be used in a variety of situations. the most obvious is reverse engineering when searching for bugs, vulnerabilities, or analyzing malicious software. decompilation can also be used to retrieve lost source code when comparing two executables, or to verify that a compiled program does exactly what is written in its source code.

vb decompiler pro 9.2 197

we use git for version control. if you have your own copy of decompiler, you can just check it out and make your changes there. if you want to contribute, fork the repo on github and send us a pull request!

this is a java decompiler, not a java ide. the purpose is to decompile bytecode to java source code, not to provide a proper java ide experience. you cannot use or modify this decompiler. to compile your java source code you need to use a java compiler. for example, to decompile a.class file you need to use the javac compiler. the decompiler can decompile code from.class,.jar,.apk,.exe, and other formats. it is suitable for decompiling any java code.

its a really great feature to have java decompilation in your workflow. you can decompile java classes, xml, other types of resources, and even java archive (jar) files. if you cant remember the exact class, method, or annotation name, you can use the decompiler to find it for you. its also used by java developers to see what other developers are doing.

you can use the decompiler in two ways. first, if you are a developer and have the bytecode, you can use the decompiler to decompile it. second, if you have a large java source code with lots of classes, you can use the decompiler to decompile it into java source code. this is useful if you want to debug a large project.


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